Welcome to the latest issue of Focus. In this edition we look at how simulation and modelling is revolutionising many areas of science and engineering. I am very proud to showcase examples of the cutting-edge work that BMT is doing alongside similarly advanced and impressive work from our industry colleagues and partners.

What strikes me most when reading about the advances in simulation and modelling is that, contrary to many predictions, the widespread deployment of computer-based technology has in fact enhanced the need for human input, rather than removing it. With the IT doing the ‘heavy lifting’ it is down to humans to add value by deploying it in ever more innovative ways.

headshot of Peter French - CEO of BMT Group Ltd. Peter French Chief Executive
In this Issue

We showcase BMT’s use of simulation and modelling in applications as diverse as port and vessel design, automated ship unloading systems, maritime navigation studies and marine casualty investigation

We also have Dr David Walters from the UK Met Office providing us with his insight into the advanced and complex technology that brings us the weather forecast and Kieran Kavanagh from Wood Group Kenny, explaining how simulation and modelling can help improve safety and productivity in the offshore environment.

I hope you enjoy this issue and would like to thank all our authors who have given their time to provide us with their views and insights. We always welcome your feedback on the magazine. If you have any thoughts on any of the subjects we have covered or would prefer to receive this publication in electronic format, please send your feedback to our editor at jwilliamson@bmtmail.com.

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