Man wearing occulus rift 3D Visualisation goggles
Port jetty with cranes on it for unloading cargo
Port of Hong Kong
Man using REMBRANDT simulator for large marine vessel training
The rise of the
autonomous machines
Dr Russ Morrison of BMT WBM discusses how the mining industry has addressed its skills shortage through automated systems.
Modelling in port development, planning and design Suren Vakil of BMT Consultants India discusses how simulation and modelling tools can be used to ensure that port infrastructure is designed to be operationally robust.
Using simulation as a training tool to improve maritime safety Realistic training for the PlayStation generation: Paul Morter of BMT ARGOSS explains the evolution of BMT’s real-time ship-handling and manoeuvring simulator.
3D Visualisation - a window onto the virtual world Simon Luck of BMT Defence Services talks about how 3D visualisation has added an extra dimension to many elements of the design process.
Taming the offshore environment Kieran Kavanagh, Group Technology & Engineering Director, Wood Group Kenny explains how simulation and modelling have combined with real-time data to improve safety.
BMT News Latest news from around the world of BMT
Modelling the future: the science of the weather forecast? Dr David Walters of the Met Office explains how computer modelling has become an intrinsic part of weather forecasting.
Modelling navigation behaviour to improve traffic safety in ports Dr Richard Colwill introduces BMT’s Dynamic Marine Traffic simulator, ‘DYMITRI’.
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